The Black Rhino Story

It Started With A Vision To Manufacture The Ultimate Aluminum Trailer

After 50+ years of combined experience in the aluminum manufacturing industry, the BLACK RHINO team was ready to take the trailer design & build into their own hands.

Hence, BLACK RHINO Manufacturing was born in 2019; named for robustness, toughness & the aggression it brings to the market.

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Living Aggressively is part of our DNA,

so when we were dreaming up the type of trailers we wanted to use for ourselves, the BLACK RHINO represented the tough, solid, unbreakable, strength we were looking for.

Just like you, we work hard!

And also like you .... we enjoy our toys and playing hard too!

When we're not in the workshop building the ultimate aluminum trailer,

we're out  "TESTING" them!

Black Rhino low pro 5 (2)
landscape trailer with side load ramps

Originally, Black Rhino’s introduction into trailer design started simply enough;

build a better trailer for the market.


Soon, Black Rhino’s efforts started to focus on unique offerings, which led them to the aluminum market. Many of their customers had expressed interest in aluminum options instead of steel due to its light weight and corrosion resistance. 

The business quickly expanded. (Even in 2020!)

We started with single axle designs.

Once we perfected those, we started to open additional product lines. (In our business, we want to perfect our current products before racing forward to the next ones. )

Now, we’ve got tandem axles and we’ll soon be launching deck-over and tilt series. 

After the introduction of the single axle, Black Rhino’s tandem axle series quickly gained popularity as a robust, versatile product. Today, it’s a popular product and makes up 30% to 40% of our business.

Word on the street at NATDA 2022 was that ours were the BEST ALUMINUM TRAILERS on the market!

BR team pic 1

Most Recommended Trailer at NATDA 2022

From workshop to yard ~

the aluminum trailer building process
trailer dealer showing single axle utility trailers

At BLACK RHINO Manufacturing Inc., it's of highest priority that our dealers and customers receive premium quality trailers they have full confidence in.

We source the BEST materials and components on the market to build our "in-house" designs, while using skilled workmanship and extra strength welds. 

Our mission is to ensure you get a robust aluminum trailer ...



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