About BLACK RHINO Trailers - The Ultimate Aluminum Trailer Company

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable aluminum trailer that’s built to last, then look no further than Black Rhino Manufacturing. We have a wide selection of trailers designed to meet all types of needs, from cargo hauling to recreational use. Take the hassle out of hauling with our reliable and stylish aluminum trailers!

What Sets Our Aluminum Trailers Apart?

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to designing and building the ultimate aluminum trailer for your needs. We understand your budget and have a wide range of utility and size options to fit both your style and needs. Plus, all of our aluminum trailers are designed to provide superior quality, superior performance, and superior value – without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether it’s cargo hauling or recreational activities, Black Rhino Trailers have got you covered!

Lightweight and Durable Design

Our Black Rhino Aluminum Trailers are designed with durability and long-term use in mind. Each of our trailers are constructed with 5052 grade tubular aluminum by expert welders using the highest grade welding wire available. Most of our trailers utilize a “Wishbone” style tongue/A-Frame design for strength and durability. You won’t find structural components and cross-members built from angle or channel like many other manufacturers. Plus, the components (including axles, wheels, tires, and electrical) on our Black Rhino Aluminum Trailers are all second to none. It's this combination that will give you the confidence and assurance that the trailer will last for years to come.

Our "Full Contact" Construction Process

As mentioned above, we use tubular aluminum for all structural components of our trailers, which adds strength to the trailer and provides 4 welds at joints versus 2 or 3 with angle or channel.

So, when you take closer inspection of our trailers, you'll be happy to notice our "Full Contact" manufacturing and design. Simply put: We weld everything! Our expert welding technicians take their time to ensure that each and every point of contact is welded with precision. These additional welds, create a stronger, more durable aluminum trailer that can easily hold up to the constant abuse that most trailers endure, and we think the additional peace of mind is well worth it.

Easy Loading and Unloading

All of our Black Rhino Aluminum Trailers are designed with easy loading and unloading in mind. Our heavy duty fold-down ramps makes loading and unloading cargo or equipment a breeze, while our high quality torsion or leaf spring axle options from Lippert, Dexter, or Terran ensure that you have a smooth ride once loaded and ready to go. Plus, all of our trailers come standard with 2-5/16” sealed coupler, so you can tow your trailer with your vehicle for peace of mind that it is attached securely.

Standard Features And Options

To LIVE & WORK AGGRESSIVELY, a quality trailer that will endure the rigors of hauling ATV’s, UTV’s, equipment, vehicles, and anything else you can think of, is essential.

We take pride in building trailers that will go the distance with you.

A Black Rhino Trailer is built for the long haul. It is easy to maintain and will withstand many years of use, even in the difficult Northern climates.

All Black Rhino Trailer models feature:

  • North American tubular aluminum construction
  • Radial Nitrogen Filled Tires
  • Full LED lighting package
  • Standard features that are considered upgrades on many other brands of trailers.

With a variety of trailers to suit your needs, our designs have extra features and options to make your hauling easier.

You can choose Landscape  or Utility Trailers with the traditional perimeter top rail, as well as with the popular “Rail Delete” option.

Unlike many other manufacturers our “Rail-less” trailers have a stronger main frame structure to give you a trailer with the versatility of a traditional flat deck but with the quality construction you need.

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Black Rhino Aluminum Trailers, Built To Last!

Aluminum trailers ready for delivery at Black Rhino's manufacturing plant.
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