Warranty Registration

Getting the most out of your Black Rhino Aluminum Trailer involves taking a few simple steps to register it for warranty coverage. The three-step guide below will show you how to get started and make sure that you are protected with our reliable, long-term warranty coverage.


Warranty Claims

At Black Rhino Aluminum Trailer, we are making your warranty claims easier. Please ensure that you read the Warranty Claim Guidelines found here. Then complete the form below. Select your trailer dealership and the trailer model to match correct information.


*** Please Note: These forms are to be completed by Dealerships ONLY. ***

3 Easy Steps to Complete Your Black Rhino Warranty Registration

1) Locate The Proof of Purchase and Serial Number.

You will need to provide proof of purchase and the serial number of your Black Rhino Aluminum Trailer. This information must be included in the Warranty Registration Form. Check to see if you have a copy of the receipt which states both the serial number and name and address of store/online retailer. Without this, the warranty will not be accepted.

2) Fill Out the Warranty Registration Form Below.

Once you have the proof of purchase and serial number, it's time to complete the provided Warranty Registration Form. This form includes information about you and your trailer, such as the serial number, purchase date and dealer of purchase. Once completed, be sure to verify your information is correct and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. You'll be notified soon about your warranty status.

3) Retain a Copy of Your Receipt and Warranty Certificate for Future Reference.

Be sure to save a copy of your receipt/proof of purchase as well as the warranty certificate. These documents are crucial for future referencing in the event that any repair or service is required. Make sure you take a moment to download and save a copy of the Warranty Certificate issued by Black Rhino Manufacturing, Inc - this is legally binding evidence of your warranty agreement with us.

Warranty Coverage Details

Download the Warranty Document Here