Aluminum Wheel Torque Guide

What you need to know.

What is lug nut torque on trailers?
How Much Torque?

12" & 13" tire/rim (5-lug)     50 ft-lbs. min.        75 ft-lbs. max.
14" & 15" tire/rim (5-lug)     90 ft-lbs. min.       120 ft-lbs. max.
15" tire/rim (6-lug)                90 ft-lbs. min.       120 ft-lbs. max.
16" tire/rim (8-lug)                90 ft-lbs. min.       120 ft-lbs. max.

What is the torque spec for aluminum wheels?

Typical Lug Nut Torque Specifications for Aluminum Trailer Wheels

Lug Size                              FT/LBS Torque
1/2"                                      90-120
9/16"                                   120-140
5/8"                                      140-160

How much torque is needed to tighten lug nuts?

You're now twisting that nut with 10 ft-lb (distance times force, or 1 foot times 10 pounds). Use a 2-foot-long wrench and apply 50 pounds of force, and you'll have 100 ft-lb, which, happily, is just about as long as most lug wrenches, and as much force as most elbows are happy cranking on.

nitrogen filled tires on a black rhino trailer
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