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What’s The Best Aluminum Welding Wire?

By blackrhino / January 21, 2023

The welding wire you use is important when it comes to welding aluminum. Here we explain the different types of aluminum welding wire.

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Are Aluminum Trailers Better Than Steel?

By blackrhino / December 28, 2022

Are you wondering how the additional cost of purchasing an aluminum trailer outweighs the cost of steel? This article will help.

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NATDA Trailer Show: Progress and Perfection

By blackrhino / November 18, 2022

NATDA Trailer Show: Progress and Perfection Written by Dana Tabota, of NATDA After 50+ years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry, the Black Rhino  team was ready to take the trailer design & build into their own hands. Hence, Black Rhino Manufacturing was born; named for the robustness, toughness and aggression it brings to…

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